Rock, stone & boulder: signifiers of the timeless and the eternal in the garden. The irreducible beauty of natural stone compliments the flora, creating the structure upon which your garden flourishes.    


Stone establishes the permanence and timelessness of the garden and provides the beautiful foundation upon which the garden will flourish. Redwood decks, fences, pergolas and other structures provide contrasting texture, elevation, and color in structural elements that age wonderfully, conveying the gentle passage of time.

The beauty of natural materials perfectly compliments the beauty of the flora in your garden.   

Michael’s Landscape Construction, license #721834, is a design/build residential landscape construction company in the San Francisco East Bay Area. For twenty-eight years, owner Michael McLane has enjoyed creating timeless structures in stone, timber and earth, elegant environments in which families can relax, play, entertain, and enjoy their days and nights. 

Michael designs most projects, but has been fortunate to collaborate with a number of local architects and landscape designers specializing in native plant and certified Bay Area-friendly garden design over the years.

While some designs are formal and rigid, many are informal, evolving within the life of the project. No job is too small, as sometimes the more intimate settings are the most rewarding. In addition to installing hardscape elements in your garden, Michael’s Landscape Construction will plant your garden following the designs your own landscape architect or designer, should you wish. 

To complete your garden, Michael’s will provide an efficient drip or spray irrigation system. They will design and install a low voltage lighting system to highlight your garden after the sun goes down if you so desire. 

Michael’s Landscape Construction has a reputation for the finest craftsmanship, resourceful problem solving, and the creative use of natural materials.  Attention to detail, passion, and hard work result in a durable, low maintenance paradise around your home. 

Michael finds design inspiration in the rockier areas of nature, be it our rugged California coast or in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Michael works on site with a small crew to ensure the highest quality results daily. This also allows for on-site creativity and adaptation, as well as immediate communication with our wonderful clients.


"As a garden designer, I have enjoyed working with Michael McLane for many years, and I recommend him to all my East Bay clients. He has also helped me with a number of projects in my own garden. His work is superb, and I appreciate his hand-on approach. Mike enjoys his work, and it shows!"

Katherine Greenberg
Past president of the Friends of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, the Mediterranean Garden Society, and Pacific Horticulture Society


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